The Warrior Wellness Podcast

Mental Toughness

September 16, 2021

In Episode 36 of the Warrior Wellness Podcast, Steph Lincoln, former Army Captain and Podcast host sits down with Shawnee Harle, owner of Winning Matters, a mental toughness coaching business. Shawnee is a two-time Olympian as an Assistant Coach for the Canadian Women’s Basketball Team and one of the most highly certified coaches in Canada. She has over 26 years of elite coaching and leadership experience, including the Olympic Games, World Championships, FIBA Americas, and World University Games. Shawnee has a Master’s Degree in Coaching Studies, is a Master Coach Developer and Master Learning Facilitator for the National Coaching Certification Program. Shawnee trains and mentors both advanced and novice coaches from all sports. With her coaching business, Shawnee works with a variety of athletes, parents, and coaches, helping them excel in sport and life with her popular course; Mental Toughness Training – How Champions are Built.  You can listen to or watch the video recording of this podcast and all the other Warrior Wellness Podcasts by going to



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