The Warrior Wellness Podcast

Work On Your Game

December 23, 2021

In Episode 43 of the Warrior Wellness Podcast, Steph Lincoln, former Army Captain and Podcast host sits down with Dre Baldwin, a former 9-year pro basketball player who traveled 8 countries in his career after walking on at an NCAA Division 3 school. Dre

has authored 29 books and performed 4 TEDxTalks on Discipline, Confidence, Mental Toughness & Personal Initiative. Dre has over 137,000 subscribers on YouTube, and his daily Work On Your Game podcast has been downloaded over 3 million times.You can listen to or watch the video recording of this podcast and all the other Warrior Wellness Podcasts by going to


Dre’s Book “Work on Your Game: Use the pro athlete mindset to dominate your game in business, sports and life”

Free book, The Third Day: (we have a 3- and 10-book options too for gifting books!)


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